Oprah & Deepak: Okay, Better Than Expected


Day 12 of 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Miraculous Dynamism (journal excerpt)


Take a moment to review the many environments you were a part of over the course of the last week. How did you show up? What energy did you project at home, work, school, in the grocery store, or while driving? Were you offering yourself in a way that engaged the people around you or pushed them away, isolating yourself? Think carefully and write a candid and detailed review, a personal “how I showed up” inventory.

My Response:


Tango Studio
Shoreline Elementary

Very interesting prompt. My question off the top is “do I necessarily have to invite people to me?” And then I reflect on elements of the human condition: isolation, loneliness, and the drive/instinct to thrive/survive. If one of our strongest instincts is to thrive/survive then it makes sense that we would want to attach ourselves to other human beings because in groups or in packs we increase the probability of our survival. But that, ha!, is in a perfect world. In the current dysfunctional state of society we are likely to invite “crazy-ass” people into our lives…right? Not according to Law of Attraction Theorists. So the big question is: Is this worth experimenting with? Hell yes.

So, because of my own limited view of self, it’s likely that I enter in most environments from an “isolationist” protective base. I don’t want to be hurt. I don’t want others to see know how vulnerable I really am. So I protect myself.


2 thoughts on “Oprah & Deepak: Okay, Better Than Expected

  1. Hmm. Have you heard of Thich Nhat Hanh? I’m reading one of his books and although it doesn’t talk specifically about meditation, it does talk about being conscious and truthfully, one cannot be conscious by not making themselves vulnerable.

    Is one really living if they are not vulnerable? Also, doesn’t one attract what they really are? I’m jealous that you are even attempting to meditate. I can’t shut my thoughts down and I find it sad because if one cannot control his or her brain, then are they really in control. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the support on my meditating!

      I think you’d be able to do the kind of meditation associated with the ‘challenge’. It’s not long at all. And yes, I’m familiar with Thich Nhat Hanh. I think Ive even read one of his books although I cannot remember which one :/ . I also had an interesting learning experience on Vulnerability through….Improve Comedy! I’m not, nor do I aspire to be, a comedian but I took a series of classes to help me be more comfortable and spontaneous as a teacher. One of the concepts that we played with was the idea of being open and vulnerable in the moment and from that state, creativity comes. Improve was a very interesting experience and exercise in being in the moment.

      It sounds like your a reader. I think you may get something out of this:


      It’s a great read.

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