Multiple Me’s


One of the concepts mentioned during the 21-Day Meditation Challenge I’m on is the idea of “multiple me’s”.

I was asked to consider the idea that mankind is of the same consciousness and that people around me are multiple versions of, me. Theoretically, having this thought in mind is supposed to add depth to my everyday interactions with people.

I gave it a shot.

The cashier ringing up my cereal at Ralph’s? Me. The women I asked to dance last night? All me. The kids walking home from school, talking to each other. Just me talking to me.

I have to admit. It brought a smile to my face, standing there after Tango class as I approached myself to speak to me and then other versions of me joined the conversation and I, we, me stood there smiling and laughing with myself. Looking into my own eyes. It makes sense. Underneath my outer appearance the multiple versions of me experience the same emotions, long for the same attention, have a need to be appreciated and respected, desire to live lives of meaning. My multiple me’s want to connect with me and each other in profound ways. We’re just born in different environments. Had different experiences.

Not a bad way to look at things. Much better than the negative, often fictional crap I create in my mind.


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