Dear Oprah and Deepak: I’m trying.

Day 8 of the 21 – Day Meditation Challenge
Excerpt from Reflection Journal Entry – Miraculous Spirit
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Child Meditating

The Prompt:

Take a moment to place your hands on your heart. Take a deep break in and visualize your heart opening wide. As you exhale allow yourself to connect with peace. Feel the warmth from your heart on your hands. The song of your heart has many important messages for you. Gently open to its song in this moment; what message does it have for you right now?

My Response:

There’s nothing there.

I’m having a reaction to this exercise. My response to it: this is bullshit.

Its bullshit for me. I can only speak for myself. Its not my truth nor how I perceive my truth. What does that mean? That other sentence? It means that the prompt above is not written in my language. It uses too many terms that have ‘hookey’ underling meanings. For example, “visualize your heart opening wide”. Its a philosophical exercise I’m sure yet it is the literal that I seek. I seek objective language to label my experience. What does “heart” mean?

In the literal sense its an organ.

Perhaps the purpose of this whole thing is to get me to perceptive my experience in a visual, metaphorical way but that goes outside of the scientific method like manner in which I want to approach my experience. I want to process my experience using the language of mindful awareness.

So how would I translate the prompt to get to the same point?

Maybe its just a tool. Its visualization. By using the tool above there is an implied recognition that the brain is a muscle and that one way to influence the brain, this muscle is to use the tool of visualization.

Yes. I think that’s it.

So here’s the thing I guess. The reason that I had my initial “this is bullshit” reaction to the prompt is because I prefer that the intent of the prompt be explained to me or at the very least, there should be a link embedded in it somewhere that gives the scientific basis for visualization.

In short, Id feel better about the approach if I were some what confident that it’s based on some form of systematic observation.


Immigration Reform Creates Odd Political Alliances –

I love watching the Republican party fight the Frankenstein they created to take down Obama 1.0.

A virus in the system.

They threw everything at O. Got their fox news base to form a Tea Party and actually made them think that they created themselves. Now the genie is out of the bottle and calling Lindsey Graham a moderate. Yes. Linsey’s a moderate let the yahoos tell it and all he’s doing is trying to do the basics; Fucking govern. But that’s what you get. Now Establishment Repubs like Graham who know that the future of the Republican party lies, partially, in drumming up the Latino vote via a gesture towards Immigration Reform, have to somehow distract the Tea Bagger Repubs long enough to actually get something passed. Good luck Lindsey. Tea Baggers run rampant in the house of reps like terrible two-year-olds and you might get primaried in the senate if your not careful….lol.

Love it.

Immigration reform creates odd political alliances –

They thought she was cute.

They thought she was cute.

The Republican Establishment thought she was cute. They let her feel like she had a chance but deep down everyone on both sides knew; she’s a joke. And to make matters more tragic she truly believed she had a chance. That’s how “bat crap crazy*” these people are. Folks. You’ve got serious problems if Michele Bachmann is the strongest republican female that’s trying to break through the glass ceiling. That’s some comical shit. Republican policy tends to be unbalanced, overly-aggressive and dumb. You need more estrogen in your political gene pool.