Coming Home to Roost: Republicans versus Themselves


It will be interesting to see how or if Establishment Republicans can reign in the Tea Party Republicans they created with a steady diet of deception, distraction and mis-education over the years. You can almost hear the frustration in Karl Rove’s* voice as he tries to school/reason with tea party upstart Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) on why repubs should not shut down the government over ObamaCare:


How ironic that Karl Rove has to debate his own creation. Scroll to the bottom of the above link/page and read them call Karl a RHINO. Ha! Its like eating dark chocolate; so good.

*Karl Rove. The Architect. Bushes Brain. Infamous republican strategist. Cultivated the Evangelical Right’s vote back in the day. Ceremoniously abandoned them like cheap whores.


Immigration Reform Creates Odd Political Alliances –

I love watching the Republican party fight the Frankenstein they created to take down Obama 1.0.

A virus in the system.

They threw everything at O. Got their fox news base to form a Tea Party and actually made them think that they created themselves. Now the genie is out of the bottle and calling Lindsey Graham a moderate. Yes. Linsey’s a moderate let the yahoos tell it and all he’s doing is trying to do the basics; Fucking govern. But that’s what you get. Now Establishment Repubs like Graham who know that the future of the Republican party lies, partially, in drumming up the Latino vote via a gesture towards Immigration Reform, have to somehow distract the Tea Bagger Repubs long enough to actually get something passed. Good luck Lindsey. Tea Baggers run rampant in the house of reps like terrible two-year-olds and you might get primaried in the senate if your not careful….lol.

Love it.

Immigration reform creates odd political alliances –

They thought she was cute.

They thought she was cute.

The Republican Establishment thought she was cute. They let her feel like she had a chance but deep down everyone on both sides knew; she’s a joke. And to make matters more tragic she truly believed she had a chance. That’s how “bat crap crazy*” these people are. Folks. You’ve got serious problems if Michele Bachmann is the strongest republican female that’s trying to break through the glass ceiling. That’s some comical shit. Republican policy tends to be unbalanced, overly-aggressive and dumb. You need more estrogen in your political gene pool.